We welcome you to experience virtual worship and recent sermons by our pastor, the Reverend Leah Lyman Waldron.

October 17, 2021: “Here I Am” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
October 10, 2021: “Complainers, Draw Near!” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
October 3, 2021: “I Am Who I Am” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)

September 26, 2021: “A Rascal Gets Blessed” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
September 19, 2021: “Abraham Gets an F” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
September 12, 2021 (Regathering Sunday): “In the Beginning” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)

September 5, 2021: “Called to Account” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only) N.B. The recordings do not include the  prelude (we started the recording late), but also we skipped most of the music during service because of technical problems. The few pieces that are included are unfortunately distorted. If you want to listen to the music, a link was posted on the chat mailing list.

August 29, 2021: “Called to Account” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
August 22, 2021: “Counting the Cost” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
August 15, 2021: “The Upside-Down Kindom” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
August 8, 2021: “And They’ll Know…” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only) (Guest Preacher: Dr. Deborah Douglas)
August 1, 2021: “Ready at a Moment’s Notice” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)

July 25, 2021: “All is Vanity” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only) N.B. The virtual worship recordings (both audio and video) are missing the prelude and a bit of Leah’s Welcome message. The complete audio recording of the service can be found here, but there is no complete video recording.
July 18, 2021: “Persistence in Prayer” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
July 11, 2021: “A First-Person Portrait of the Apostle John” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only) (Guest Preacher: Rev. Rand Peabody)
July 4, 2021: Hymn sing (no sermon) (virtual worship: video or audio only)

June 27, 2021: “Shake Off the Dust” (sermon audio) (N.B. The service was held in the PACC Sanctuary. Technical problems prevented live streaming to Zoom/Facebook. There is also no video of the service, but the audio  recording of the service is available by clicking here)
June 20, 2021: “Eyes on Me” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
June 13, 2021: “Reflections: God’s Light in Our Midst” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
June 6, 2021: “Return and Declare” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)

May 30, 2021: “It’s All About Relationship” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
May 23, 2021: “The Power of Being Known” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
May 16, 2021: “Unity in Diversity” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
May 9, 2021: “Hold Fast” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
May 2, 2021: “Not an afterthought” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)

April 25, 2021: “From Rejection to Rejoicing”  (sermon audio) ( virtual worship: video or audio only)
April 18, 2021: “The Courage to Call Out”  (sermon audio) ( virtual worship: video or audio only)
April 11, 2021: “While They Were Walking” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only)
April 4, 2021 (Easter Sunday): “Remember How He Told You?” (sermon audio) (virtual worship: video or audio only  – N.B. because of a technical problem, there is silence for about 6 minutes between  approximately 00:47:00 and 00:53:40 in both the video and audio versions of the virtual service; you might want to skip quickly through the gap.)
April 2, 2021 (Good Friday): no sermon (virtual worship: video or audio only)
April 1, 2021 (Maundy Thursday): no sermon (virtual worhip: video or audio only)

March 28, 2021 (Palm Sunday): “Disrupted Expectations” (audio) (virtual worship)
March 21, 2021: “Lunch with Jesus” (audio) (virtual worship)
March 14, 2021: “Convinced by a Ghost” (audio) (virtual worship)
March 7, 2021: “Lost and Found” (audio) (virtual worship)

February 28, 2021: “Repent or Perish” (audio) (virtual worship)
February 21, 2021: “Strange Neighbors” (audio) (virtual worship)
February 14, 2021: “Coming Down the Mountain” (audio) (virtual worship)
February 7, 2021: “Only Speak the Word” (audio) (virtual worship)

January 31, 2021: “Rethinking the Rules” (audio) (virtual worship)
January 24, 2021: “Never the Same” (audio) (virtual worship)
January 17, 2021: “Temptation and Trial” (audio) (virtual worship)
January 10, 2021: “Is Not This the Carpenter?” (audio) (virtual worship)
(Guest Preacher: Rev. John Zehring)
January 3, 2021: “At Home with God” (audio) (virtual worship)

December 27, 2020: Lessons and Carols (no sermon) (virtual worship)

December 24, 2020: Christmas Eve Service (10pm) – Reflection: “Be Not Afraid” (audio) (virtual worship)
December 24, 2020: Christmas Eve Service (4pm) (virtual worship)

December 20, 2020: “Making Room for Love” (audio) (virtual worship)
December 13, 2020: Children’s Pageant (no sermon) (virtual worship)
December 6, 2020: “Comforted – or Comfortable?” (audio) (virtual worship)

November 29, 2020: “Waiting and Watching” (audio) (virtual worship)
November 22, 2020: Written on the Heart (audio) (virtual worship)
November 15, 2020: “We’re Not Worthy” (audio) (virtual worship)
November 8, 2020: The Reluctant Prophet (audio) (virtual worship) (text)
November 1, 2020: Help from Unlikely Places (audio) (virtual worship)

October 25, 2020: When God Says “No” (audio) (virtual worship)
October 18, 2020: A God Who Remembers Our Pain (audio) (virtual worship)
October 11, 2020: Modern-day Idols (audio) (virtual worship)
October 4, 2020:  A God Who Frees (audio) (virtual worship)

September 27, 2020: What Kept Joseph Going (audio) (virtual worship)
September 20, 2020: Covenant (audio) (virtual worship)
September 13, 2020: Raising Our Ebenezers (audio) (virtual worship)
September 6, 2020: No sermon – Scripture Readings and Hymn Sing (audio) (virtual worship)

August 30, 2020: Standing on Holy Ground (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
August 23, 2020: Changing Our Hearts (sermon audio) (virtual worship)

August 16, 2020: A Garden out of Grief: Making Meaning from Our Losses (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
August 9, 2020: Stages of Grief: The Paradoxical Freedom of Acceptance (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
August 2, 2020: Stages of Grief: The Hidden Consolation of Depression (sermon audio) (virtual worship)

July 26, 2020: Stages of Grief: The Temptation – and Invitation – of Bargaining (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
July 19, 2020: Stages of Grief: The Gift and Challenge of Anger (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
July 12, 2020: Stages of Grief: The Comfort and Challenge of Denial (sermon audio) (virtual worship)

July 5, 2020: A Foreign Freedom (sermon audio) (virtual worship)

June 28, 2020: Seven Great Substitutions (sermon audio) (virtual worship)  (Guest preacher: Rev. John Zehring)
June 21, 2020: Losing Our Lives (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
June 14, 2020: Youth Sunday (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
June 7, 2020: Using Our Voices (sermon audio) (virtual worship)

May 31, 2020: A Conversation with The Holy Spirit (sermon audio) (virtual worship
May 24, 2020: One at Heart (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
May 17, 2020: “I will not leave you orphaned” (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
May 10, 2020: “Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled” (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
May 3, 2020: Not Today, Satan (sermon audio) (virtual worship)

April 26, 2020: Their Eyes Were Opened (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
April 19,2020: Unbelievable (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
April 12,2020: While It Was Still Dark (sermon audio) (virtual worship)
April 10, 2020: Good Friday (virtual worship)
April 9, 2020: Maundy Thursday (virtual worship)
April 5, 2020: Palm Sunday (virtual worship)

March 29, 2020: A Future with Hope (audio) (virtual worship)
March 22, 2020: Keep Serving  the Peanuts (audio) (virtual worship)
March 15, 2020: TBD (audio) (virtual worship)
March 8, 2020: Good Grief (audio)
March 1, 2020: Living Well in the Face of Doom (audio – read by Mike Rich)

February 23, 2020: Do Not Be Afraid (audio)
February 16, 2020: Spiritual Evolution (audio)
February 9, 2020: Salt and Light (audio)
February 2, 2020: Blessed (audio)

January 26, 2020: What are you looking for? (audio)
January 19, 2020: Mending our nets (audio)
January 12, 2020: Baptized and Beloved (audio)
January 5, 2020: Child of God; Children of God (Guest Preacher: Matthew Works) (audio)

December 29, 2019: Service of Lessons and Carols (no sermon)
December 24, 2019: God’s Love Made Human (audio)
December 22, 2019: The Strange Look of Love (audio)
December 15, 2019: Children’s Pageant (no sermon)
December 8, 2019: Pursuing Peace (audio)
December 1, 2019: Having Hope (audio)

November 24, 2019: Already and Not Yet (audio)
November 17, 2019: Delight in Giving (audio)
November 10, 2019: The God of the Living (audio)
November 3, 2019 (All Saints/Memorial Sunday): The Gospel According to Mister Rogers (audio)

A Peculiar People sermon series
October 27, 2019: Choosing Self-Gift over Self-Preservation (audio)
October 20, 2019: Choosing Justice over Fairness (audio)
October 13, 2019: Choosing Questions over Answers (audio)
October 6, 2019: Choosing Service over Power (audio)
September 29, 2019: Choosing Less over More (audio)
September 22, 2019:  Choosing Peace over Worry (audio)
September 15, 2019: Choosing the Lost over the Found (audio)
September 8, 2019: Choosing Weakness over Strength (audio)

September 1, 2019: “Instant” sermon – Pastor Leah answered questions asked during worship (audio only)

August 25, 2019: Daughters of Abraham (audio)
August 18, 2019: When Division Is a Good Thing (audio)
August 11, 2019: Bearing Good Fruit  (audio)
August 4, 2019: Rich Towards God (audio)

July 28, 2019: Teach Us to Pray (audio)
July 21, 2019: The Better Part (audio)
July 14, 2019: We Are Not the Samaritan (adapted from an essay by Joe Terrell) (audio)
July 7, 2019: Simply Healed (audio)

June 30, 2019: All In (audio)
June 23, 2019: Fearing God (audio)
June 16, 2019: Trinity Sunday: God Beyond Us, Among Us, Within Us (audio)
June 9, 2019: Youth Sunday/Pentecost: Come Holy Spirit! (audio only)
June 2, 2019: A Surprising Liberation (audio)

May 26, 2019: Spiritual Paralysis (audio)
May 19, 2019: Known by Love (audio)
May 12, 2019: Following the Shepherd (audio)
May 5, 2019: Breakfast with Jesus (audio)

April 28, 2019: From Fear to Peace (audio)
April 21, 2019: Easter – An Idle Tale (audio)
April 19, 2019: Good Friday – Reflection on the Fourth of Jesus’ Last Words
April 14, 2019: Palm Sunday – Intro to a Dramatic Reading of Scripture
April 7, 2019: Learning God’s Love: The Discomfort of Extravagant Love (audio)

March 31, 2019: Learning God’s Love: The Foolishness of God’s Love (audio)
March 24, 2019: Learning God’s Love: Fasting – or Feasting? (audio)
March 17, 2019: Learning God’s Love: No Matter What (audio)

Pastor Leah was on maternity leave from mid-December through mid-March.

December 2, 2018: Wait, and Watch, and Work (audio)

November 25, 2018: A Ruler of a Different Kind (audio)
November 18, 2018: Birth Pangs (audio)
November 11, 2018: Giving All (audio)
November 4, 2018: What Comes Next (audio)

October 28, 2018: “What Do You Want Me to Do for You?” (audio)
October 21, 2018: Putting on the Armor of God: The Journey of Cornelius, Jesus’ First Gentile Follower by guest preacher Renee Manning (audio)

The Challenging Invitations of Jesus Sermon Series
October 14, 2018: Not Without Riches (audio)
October 7, 2018: Broken Covenants (audio)
September 30, 2018: Not Against Us But For Us (audio)
September 23, 2018: Last of All (audio)
September 16, 2018: Losing Your Life to Save It (audio)

September 9, 2018: The Blessings of Community (audio)
September 2, 2018: Ora et Labora (audio)

August 26, 2018: ‘Lord, to Whom Can We Go?’ (audio)
August 19, 2018: Discerning God’s Will
August 12, 2018: Eating Jesus? (audio)
August 5, 2018: Trusting Jesus: the Work of a Lifetime (audio)

July 29, 2018: Everyday Miracles (audio)
July 22, 2018: Sabbath Rest (audio)
July 15, 2018: Perplexed, Yet Intrigued (audio)
July 8, 2018: No Extra Equipment (audio)
July 1, 2018: Church-colored Glasses (audio)

June 24, 2018: God’s Grace and the Human Heart by guest preacher Denson Staples (audio)
June 17, 2018: Trees of Life by guest preacher Katie Omberg (audio)
June 10, 2018: Youth Sunday Meditation by PACC’s youth and children- Making a Difference (audio)
June 3, 2018: Made for Music (audio)

May 27, 2018: The Mystery of the Trinity (audio)
May 20, 2018: From Dry Bones to New Wine: A Life-Giving Vision (audio)
May 13, 2018: Hearts Overlapping (audio)
May 6, 2018: Astounded in the Spirit (audio)

April 29, 2018: No Longer Servants but Friends (audio)
April 22, 2018: Savoring the Presence of Jesus (audio)
April 15, 2018: Hope in Hindsight (audio)
April 8, 2018: The Gift of Doubt (audio)
April 1, 2018, Easter: Expecting Resurrection (audio)

March 25, 2018, Palm Sunday: Upside Down Week (audio)

“Finding Our Why” sermon series
March 18, 2018: Finding Our Why: Something Bigger Than Ourselves (audio)
March 11, 2018: Finding Our Why: Something Foolish (audio)
March 4, 2018: Finding Our Why: Something Worth Sharing (audio)
February 25, 2018: Finding Our Why: Finding Your Why (audio)
February 18, 2018: Finding Our Why: Why Matters (audio)

February 11, 2018: “Listen to Him!” (audio)
February 4, 2018: Haven’t You Heard? (audio)

January 28, 2018: Discernment or Dogma? (audio)
January 21, 2018: Called as We Are (audio)
January 14, 2018: Speak; I’m Listening
January 7, 2018: Seeking, Offering, Subverting (audio)


December 24, 2017: Pondering and Praising (audio)
December 17, 2017: Rejoice! (audio)
December 3, 2017: Pay Attention! (audio)

November 26, 2017: Sheep and Goats (audio)
November 19, 2017: When the Lights Go Out (audio)
November 12, 2017: The Hand of a Woman (audio)
November 5, 2017: Ordinary Saints (audio)

“Spiritual Practices” sermon series
October 29, 2017: Spiritual Practices: The Courage to Change (audio)
October 22, 2017: Spiritual Practices: Forgiveness (audio)
October 15, 2017: Spiritual Practices: Compassion (audio)
October 8, 2017: Spiritual Practices: Generosity (audio)
October 1, 2017: Spiritual Practices: Gratitude (audio)
September 24, 2017: Spiritual Practices: Listening (audio)
September 17, 2017: Spiritual Practices: Trust (audio)

September 10, 2017: This is the Church (audio)

August 27, 2017: Ministry Matters (audio)