Greetings from Pastor Leah

Greetings from Pastor Leah

Dear PACC friends and members,

Happy Easter!

A little-known liturgical factoid: Easter is not just a day, but a 50-day season called Eastertide. There are eight Sundays in Eastertide: one for each of the seven days of creation, plus one for the new creation we experience through Jesus’ resurrection. Eastertide reminds us that Easter isn’t a one-off festive occasion, but a weeks-long opportunity to celebrate the ways in which God is calling forth new life all around us!

Throughout Lent, we were preparing to Find Our Why – working to figure out our purpose as a church so that we’ll be energized to continue to do God’s work in our community and beyond.

Now, during this season of new creation and new life, it’s time to put some words to that Why – to articulate exactly what kind of new life God is breathing into us! To that end, during Eastertide we’ll hold two coffee hour conversations to discern our Why together.

Mark your calendars for coffee hour on April 22 and May 6, when we’ll share stories of why we’re part of PACC and listen for common threads about how God is uniquely calling us to bless each other, our community, and our world.

Many of you have commented about how Park Avenue feels full of energy and excitement these days – I couldn’t agree more! I am so grateful to each of you for bringing your passion, your ideas, and your thoughtful creativity to this new season in our life together.

What a blessing, indeed!

With excitement and appreciation,


Reverend Leah Lyman Waldron, Pastor