Greetings from our Pastor Leah!

Greetings from our Pastor Leah!

March 2018

Dear PACC friends and members,

I want to tell you about the stole I’m wearing during Lent, the season when we draw closer to God in remembrance of Jesus’ time communing with the Holy One in the wilderness. It is multi-colored with plenty of purple in it – the color of Lent – but I’m wearing it for a deeper reason than just making sure I match our liturgical silks.

The stole was given to me by Sharon Kabelitz, who often attends worship here, and it belonged to her father, the Rev. Norbert Kabelitz. Pastor Norb, as he was known, was a Lutheran minister dedicated to the care of his people and the church – but his “why” went even deeper than that.

He believed deeply that the Gospel called Christians to witness to racial equality; much of his life was spent standing in solidarity with people of color when it was deeply unpopular. This called for sacrifice for Pastor Norb and his family – including his being arrested multiple times. But this “why” also created rich, life-changing relationships with ministers and churches of color, particularly in Oklahoma City where Sharon was raised. Their collective vision of an interracial beloved community inspired their congregations to reach beyond segregated comfort zones in order to do something bold and beautiful in God’s name.

As we spend Lent digging deeper into our own faith and Finding Our Why, I’m wearing this stole to remind me that I as a pastor and we as a people can have a big, bold, beautiful Why – maybe not one that will get us arrested (although who knows!), but definitely one that will leave a mark on our hearts and in our community, just like Pastor Norb did.

I’d love it if you’d share with me your vision of PACC’s “Why” this Lenten season. What an exciting time to be the church together!