Sacred Conversation on Race

A Sacred Conversation on Race

Sacred Conversation on Race is a church-wide initiative for United Church of Christ congregations, as we seek to confront the sin of racism in our desire to see the Church live and be as one.

Sacred Conversation on Race takes many forms. Some take on anti-racism training to get to the heart of how to make a difference in their own attitudes and behaviors. Others focus on addressing white privilege which contributes to the racism experienced by non-white individuals living in the United States.

The Council of Deacons promised to provide opportunities to engage deeply in discussing this important issue.

We’ve posted a Black Lives Matter banner, read and discussed Waking Up White, are reading and will talk about America’s Original Sin, and we’ve invited The Rev Cindy Maybeck to facilitate PACC’s Sacred Conversation on Race.

The Reverend Cindy Maybeck is a popular preacher, storyteller, workshop and retreat leader. Her Spirit Story website can be found at

One of the Massachusetts Conference’s facilitators for Sacred Conversation on Race, Cindy will preach on April 10th and lead our Sacred Conversation after worship in the Fellowship Room.


Author: Mark Tuttle

Husband, father, web master