Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Germaine Lawrence/Youth Villages

Right around the corner from PACC, Germaine Lawrence is a residential program for girls ages 12-18 with serious emotional and behavioral issues.  Ways PACC can help these young neighbors:

  • Mentoring: Mentoring opportunities are ongoing and require a 4-6 hour/month time commitment, a 2-hour orientation and a background check. Mentoring is open to women over  25 years old who are good listeners, caring, open-minded, positive and consistent.  There will be an orientation in the fall. Girls who are eligible for mentoring have typically been at GL for at least a few months and are stable enough to participate.
  • Other Opportunities: There are also opportunities to supply gifts for the holidays, help in the library on Wednesday mornings, or bring a talent or interest to GL.   A middle school teacher is currently leading a yoga group, someone else has a crochet group, other possibilities are cooking, jewelry-making or another interest. Service Days are also a possibility (a group recently sanded and painted their picnic tables).

Please contact the church office for more information.

Author: Mark Tuttle

Husband, father, web master