“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.  Serve the Lord with gladness, come before his presence with singing.” Psalm 100:1-2

We have a strong musical tradition in which music is an important part of our worship service. We are blessed with wonderful acoustics in our sanctuary, and a historic Skinner Organ.  Our adult choir, under the leadership of our music director and organist, Jeffrey Brody, sings on most Sundays during the year.  On the third Sunday of the month, our youth choir sings during the service under the skillful direction of our youth music director, Andy Hart.  

What is the role of the choir in worship?

Choirs have a long history of leading worship.  Many references to a choir of men and boys singing and playing instruments can be found in the Old Testament.  Worship in the early Christian church drew on these models.  During the Middle Ages, choirs continued to play an important role in the liturgical practice of the Christian church, particularly with the advent of polyphonic (multi-layered, more complex) music.  By the time of the Reformation, singing the liturgy had become the purview of the priests and choirs.  The congregation was comprised of passive spectators.  Luther returned many parts of the liturgy to the congregation, insisting that they sing, but he never lost sight of the indispensable contribution of the choir.  In fact, Luther  “successfully encouraged the reciprocal interaction of art music of the most highly developed kind together with simple congregational song”.

 “In the cultivation of music at the highest levels of artistic excellence the perfect goodness and wisdom of God are displayed”   Martin Luther

Highlights of the music program include a special Christmas concert and a joyous Easter service for which the regular choirs are joined by an expanded festival choir and guest instrumentalists.  We also have a concert series that is not a part of our worship service.  It presents a variety of musical types and performances during the year, with proceeds going to the organ restoration and music fund.

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