Mission & Justice: Women of Means

Women of Means sends teams of volunteer doctors and staff nurses into shelters in and around Boston to cut through red tape and provide free, patient-centered medical care to women and children.

Dr. Roseanna Means, founder of Women of Means, believes that society’s neediest women and children deserve accessible and compassionate health care, and should not have to sacrifice scarce cash, safety, warmth and food to get basic medical help.

A team of over 20 volunteer and paid medical professionals work to:

  • Improve immediate access to health care for the Commonwealth’s poorest women and children.
  • Provide medical supplies and equipment to health care professionals and shelter staff treating indigent populations.
  • Share Women of Means alternative medical delivery model with other health care professionals.
  • Advocate for the women at clinical, social justice, academic and health policy levels.

Their Administrative Office is: 148 Linden Street, Suite 208, Wellesley, MA 02482

Their Phone is: 781-239-0290

Their website is: Women of Means (www.womenof means.org)

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