One Can Help

One Can Help

Anne Bader-Martin
December 31, 2016

Formal letter

Dear Congregants at the Park Avenue Congregational Church,

Thank you so much for your recent and very generous contribution to One Can Help.

Your support means a lot to all the dedicated court-appointed attorneys and social workers trying to help their poorest child and family clients improve their lives and build a better future when no other resources are available to do so.

We continue to see a large increase in the amount of requests we get each year because we really are able to help juvenile court involved children and families move further ahead. By providing critical resources where none otherwise exist, we also help juvenile justice and social service systems be more effective (in other words, your tax dollars can be better used when resources are available.)

An example of what I mean:
Recently, a very stressed immigrant mother was in juvenile court with her two boys who were acting out at home. She had brought them to court (at the school’s suggestion!)  to get assistance with their fighting behaviors.I asked her what sports activities they did, and one of the boys said: “my mom doesn’t have the money to let us do anything”.

It made such a difference to be able to say to this family: “I know an organization I can apply to for funds so that the boys can each have an after school sports activity.” The boys got very excited, and the family felt supported and cared for. Court was no longer needed. The kids had healthy supervised activities.

Being involved with the court became a positive experience for this family because of the assistance One Can Help could provide.

And we can only do this, because of your help!

Thank you so much for caring as you have. We would be delighted to meet with you and see how we might offer some additional ways to volunteer or just to learn about our impact as a result of your donations, anytime.Happy New Year!

Thank you again,

Anne Bader-Martin
Providing the resources at-risk kids need to improve their lives and each higher