Mission & Justice: Mass. Conference of the UCC

Our biggest donation from Mission & Justice is to the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC), for Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM). OCWM is the basic support that Park Avenue Congregational Church, UCC, as a member of the UCC, provides for the MA Conference and the National and Global work of the United Church of Christ.

Sometimes the alphabet soup of organizations gets confusing, but I do like how it is explained at the website of the Massachusetts Conference.

“Did you ever feel overwhelmed by all the problems in the world? Many of us do. Who can posssibly respond to the needs of the hungry, the homeless, those with HIV/AIDS and those whose lives and homes are swept away by floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes?

What can I do, we ask ourselves, about the historic injustices that hurt people becuase of their race, their religion, their nationality? …. That’s a lot to ask of one person, or even one congregation.”

Our Church’s Wider Mission could be described as Who We Are …Together! Our congregations can do so much more together than any one of us could ever do alone.

Because UCC churches give to OCWM through Basic Support, and through special mission offerings, hunger and homelessness and world health are being addressed. Victims of war, famine, and natural disasters are being helped.

There are many services and resources that are available through the Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ, that may be used to help enrich the vitality of UCC churches:

  • Christian Education
  • Communication and Technology
  • Conference Ministries
  • Evangelism, Mission and Justice
  • Leadership Development
  • Resource Center
  • Stewardship & Financial Development
  • Youth Ministry
  • Young Adult Ministry

The address of the Main Office is: 1 Badger Road, Framingham, MA 01702

Their Phone is: 508-875-5233

Their website is: Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ (www.macucc.org)

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