Arts in the Church



Issue #5 Winter 2002


The art selection group met in December to review artists’ proposals. Three designs were chosen as finalists. For two weeks in January the designs will be on display for viewing and evaluation. Comments, and ideas are welcome from everyone in the congregation. Please speak with anyone involved in the review process: Diane Adams, Beverly Miller, Susan Murie and Claudia Truesdale. Karen Boonstra and Bob Forte are also in the selection group.

The selection group will meet again to pick a final winning design by the end of February.

The three finalists are: Janine Al-Bayati, Linda Hoffman, and Bridget Lynch.

SPRING PROJECT: Making a Walking Labyrinth

We have had several requests from the congregation for making a labyrinth. This ancient ritual of walking a circular path to a center is relaxing and meditative and can be a healing experience.

There are many ways to make a labyrinth. Because land is in short supply at PACC one idea is to paint a labyrinth on a large floor canvas. This could be an enriching group project from planning to implementation leading up to several spring dates of walking our newly made labyrinth.

Here are some web sites that contain information about making and walking a labyrinth:

Interested? Ideas? Please see Susan Murie.