The Deacons of the Park Avenue Congregational Church are concerned with the spiritual and temporal well-being of the members of the congregation and are the governing body of our church.  They are members of the church who are elected by the whole congregation and organized into the Council of Deacons.

One deacon is chosen by the others to serve as Moderator.  The other 14 provide oversight for each of the ministries of the church to ensure that the work of the church is being accomplished and serve as liaisons from the ministries reporting on their activities to the whole council.  Deacons also assist with our worship services to ensure that everything is prepared and goes smoothly.

Members of the Council of Deacons serve two-year terms on the council, but “once a deacon, always a deacon” and those not currently on the council may be called on occasionally, for example, to serve communion.

The Council of Deacons for 2023 and their ministry assignments are as follows:

  • Moderator: Mike Rich
  • Vice Moderator: Valerie Censabella
  • Clerk: Linda Cohn
  • Treasurer: Mark Tuttle