The Reverend Jill Small

The Reverend Jill Small – Minister

The Reverend Jill H SmallThe Reverend Jill Small joined the church as our long-term interim pastor on September 6, 2015, upon the retirement of Pastor Bill Albright.

Jill has over 30 years of pastoral experience in many different capacities at a variety of churches. Most recently she completed 2 consecutive callings as long term interim pastor for UCC churches in New Hampshire. We are blessed to have the opportunity to benefit from Jill’s experience in leading congregations through the transition to a new settled pastor, as we embark on this same journey.

Jill has a long-standing interest in exegesis (the critical interpretation of a text) with particular expertise in the study of Hebrew scripture. She’s also done graduate study in the sociology of religion, especially identity, as it relates to the intersection of subculture and sexuality.

Jill has lived on the east coast since graduate school, but she’s a native St. Louisan and remains a loyal fan of the St Louis Cardinals. You can read more about Jill at her personal webpage:

We are thankful and feel blessed to have Jill as our pastor and hope that all that are able will make a special effort to come to worship services in the coming weeks and months and take the opportunity to get to know Jill.