PACC Concert Series Tasks

This is a publicity task list put together by Merrith Sabo-Jones in September 2008. Merrith drew up at 2010 task schedule that might also be helpful.

When? What?
early summer Flyers for mailing – can also be used to create posters
on-going Mailing list updates
late summer Get church labels from Kathy; print out concert mailing list labels; mail out season notice: one  mailing in August/September of the full season’s concerts.
4-6 weeks before concert Individual flyers to post/hand out
4-6 weeks before concert Can use a flyer and blow it up at Kinkos for about $3; use this to past to poster board for big poster for narthex
8 weeks before concert Notices in newspapers 8 weeks ahead of time: Boston Globe, Arlington/Woburn shopper
8 weeks before concert Submit an article to Kathy Richardson for the issue of the Spire preceding the concert.
12-8 weeks before concert If we have contacts, can try for radio and cable publicity: Marilyn Rae Beyer former PACC member is a WUMB for folk music
2-3 weeks before concert Send notice on Arlington email list
2-4 weeks before concert Write article for Arlington Advocate – can also try for Lexington/Belmont/Cambridge by sending to Community Newspapers; deadline is 1-2 weeks before the article is to be run
6-8 weeks before concert Try for WCRB for organ/classical concerts
late summer PACC Web -give info to web team to update web
day of concert Put poster outside if weather allows on day of concert