Gala Auction, 2008

Gala Auction

September 13, 2008

Gala Auction Items! Please Help!

We are well on our way to an exciting Gala Auction on September 13. The auction committee has a fun and festive evening planned and many exciting items have already arrived and await your bids. We thank everyone who has donated so far.

If you are still on the fence about what to donate, we can always use items that take advantage of your skills and time. Can you cook and deliver a hot meal for a family? Share a batch and recipe for a favorite cookie, dessert or appetizer? Could you offer pet sitting? Fall garden prep? Can you share a favorite hobby? Teach other adults or children to knit/sew/paint/build birdhouses? Do you have an original artwork, family heirloom, or handcrafted item you could donate?

We are busily at work on our gala auction booklet to be distributed on Regathering Sunday when the post office auction of summer souvenirs will kick off the fun. Then you will have until Saturday to dream over the booklet and plan your bids! We need some lead time to get good descriptions into the booklet, so time is running out for your donations! Please send in your ideas to Karen Stark ( or contact us if you have any questions.