WordPress cleanup

WordPress maintenance

Cleaning up the database

Use search and replace to

  • Replace https://www.pacc-ucc.org/ with /
  • Replace /cp with https://www.pacc-ucc.org/cp
  • Replace “../ with “/

Write and run script to replace permalinks with page_id links.

Run xenu to find broken links (after waiting 30 minutes for cached pages to expire).

Validating xhtml

Write and run script to dump list of pages.

Submit list of pages to batch validator at WDG.

Backing up the database

  • Use winscp to synchronize local copies of files with server.
  • Use winzip to back up files, save as pacc-yymmdd-hhmm.zip.
  • Use phpMyAdmin to backup database, save as pacc-yymmdd-hhmm-server.sql.zip.