Sunday School Calendar, Fall 2013

PACC Sunday School
Fall 2013

God’s People: Scattered and Gathered

September 8

  • Jeremiah
  • Scripture: Jeremiah 1:1-10
  • Summary: Before Jeremiah was born, God had already chosen him to be a prophet. While he was still a boy, God called him and appointed him to prophecy to nations and kingdoms.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Take turns naming something you appreciate about each member of your family.

September 15

  • A new covenant
  • Scripture: Jeremiah 31:31-40
  • Summary: Jeremiah prophesied a new covenant between God and Israel and Judah. All the people would know God and the law of God would be written on their hearts.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: What are some ways that we can follow God? What acts of kindness can we share?

September 22

  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abdenego
  • Scripture: Daniel 3
  • Summary: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abdenego refused to worship King Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol. God delivered them from the fiery furnace into which they were thrown.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Read or talk about people such as Martin Luther King, Jr., who chose to disobey leaders in order to do what was right.

September 29

  • Daniel
  • Scripture: Daniel 6
  • Summary: King Darius of Persia planned to put Daniel in charge of his kingdom. Jealous leaders created a law to trap Daniel. He was thrown into a lion’s den but was saved by God.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Daniel distinguished himself as a leader. What are some qualities of a good leader?

October 6

  • Job suffers
  • Scripture: Job 1-3
  • Summary: Job remained faithful despite illness, personal tragedies, and attacks on his character. He refused to blame God for his troubles and was comforted by friends.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Talk about a hard time your family has experienced. For young children you may want to read a book such as Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst.

October 13

  • God responds to Job
  • Scripture: Job 38-42
  • Summary: God answered Job’s questions from a whirlwind. Job affirmed God’s greatness and responded with prayer and forgiveness for his friends. Job’s fortunes were restored.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Go on a nature treasure hunt. How many different colors can you find?

October 20

  • Jonah: Part 1
  • Scripture: Jonah 1-2
  • Summary: Jonah tried to escape God’s call to preach in Ninevah. He was thrown overboard to calm a stormy sea and was swallowed by a big fish. He prayed to God and was saved.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Listen to Louis Armstrong sing “Jonah and the Whale.” Several versions are available on

October 27

  • Jonah: Part 2
  • Scripture: Jonah 3-4
  • Summary: Jonah preached in Ninevah. The king led the people in repentance and God forgave them. Jonah was angry at God’s mercy but was reminded that God cares for all people.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: God forgave the people of Nineveh. Why do you think this made Jonah angry?

November 3

  • Returning to Jerusalem
  • Scripture: Ezra 1
  • Summary: King Cyrus of Persia sent the Jewish exiles back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. Neighbors gave them gifts and Cyrus restored to them treasures from Jerusalem.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: The Babylonians helped their neighbors. Do something kind for your neighbors.

November 10

  • Rebuilding the temple
  • Scripture: Ezra 4-6
  • Summary: The rebuilding of the temple was halted, but then King Darius gave permission for the work to continue. The temple was completed and dedicated to God with joy.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Work together to build a miniature temple using sugar cubes or small blocks.

November 17

  • Reading God’s word together
  • Scripture: Nehemiah 8
  • Summary: The priest Ezra read to the people from the book of law. The people wept, but Ezra and Nehemiah told them to rejoice instead. For seven days they kept the festival of booths.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: Read your favorite Bible verse aloud for the family. Have everyone take turns doing this.

November 24

  • Sing to the Lord
  • Scripture: Psalm 98
  • Summary: The psalmist praises God’s steadfast love and faithfulness to all of creation. All the earth should make a joyful noise, praising God with instruments and song.
  • Discussion/Activity for home: The Psalmist describes God as marvelous, loving, and faithful. How would you describe God?