Sarah’s Circle

Sarah’s Circle

We are dancing Sarah’s Circle, sisters, brothers, all.
Here we seek and find our story, sisters, brothers, all.
We will all do our own naming, sisters, brothers, all.
Every round a generation, sisters, brothers, all.
On and on the circle’s moving, sisters, brothers, all.

(to the tune of “We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder”)

What is Sarah’s Circle?
Sarah’s Circle is a non-denominational women’s only book club to read and discuss books about spirituality, with a focus on feminine spirituality. Our Spiritual Book Club is a little more than the average book club. If you are seeking the support of other women in your spiritual journey or are looking for an interesting and deeper book club to join, then this is the group for you! It is open to all women in the community, not just members of PACC. We’re always delighted to welcome newcomers!  And if you’ve been on our list, but haven’t really attended in a while, why don’t you come to see the fun you’re missing!
When does it meet?
Sarah’s Circle is planned as a monthly meeting, in the Fellowship Room at PACC, on a Saturday morning.  Our club explores Spirituality through novels, science, philosophy and theology.  If you would like to join the Circle, or would like more information, please contact the church office by calling  781-643-8680 or via email.
What are we doing next?
Our next meeting is Saturday, June 15th in the Fellowship Room at PACC from  10 AM till 12 noon.   Those who wish to meditate may come at 9:30 AM.

For June, we have selected The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

“The Woman in White” is considered to be among the first mystery novels and is widely regarded as one of the first (and finest) in the genre of “sensation novels”. The story is sometimes considered an early example of detective fiction with the hero, Walter Hartright, employing many of the sleuthing techniques of later private detectives. Walter Hartright, a young art teacher, meets a mysterious and distressed woman dressed in white. He helps her on her way, but later learns that she has escaped from an asylum.

Victorian England serves as the setting. A drawing teacher is hired to tutor two affluent sisters. He forms a romantic attachment to the younger of the two and learns later to his chagrin that she is supposed to marry a man she doesn’t love. Collins shows the fragile nature of women in a male-dominated world. In this instance, the novel resembles a Jane Austin soap opera. The heroine is truly a damsel-in-distress. … Secrets play an important part in this sprawling novel.

Here is a link to the book on

For more information, please contact the church office by calling  781-643-8680 or contact Merrith Sabo-Jones via email.

What topics/books are coming up next?
Sometimes, for more broad subject topics, we choose a single topic to read about, allowing members to choose their own book on that topic.   As a “free choice” month – it’s up to you whether you chose to read a large, scholarly tome, or a shorter, more-accessible paperback.  We return to everyone reading the same book for more narrow-focused topics. Whenever we choose a topic instead of a specific book, we will also discuss which books address the topic as well as which books might be found in our current book list.  So, here is an ongoing list of topics that we would like to pursue; if you have additional suggestions, please bring them to the next meeting!Communicating with spirits/angels
Different Religions (e.g. Hindu, Confucianism, Catholicism, etc.)
Spiritual People
Mother Earth/Goddess/Gaia Spirituality and Religions
Greek Myths
Native American Spirituality
Island Culture Spirituality (e.g. Hawaii, Bali, Cambodia)
Celtic Spirituality
The Celestine Prophecies
Expressions of Spirituality via the Arts
Everyday Spirituality
Inclusivity/Exclusivity within Groups
Community Making
What books are being considered for possible future discussion?
Click here to see our current book list. These books include books that the Circle has read, as well as books suggested by members, and books that some of the members have read previously.